Elizabeth Emens
Author, "Life Admin: How I Learned to Do Less, Do It Better, and Live More"
Mental Health
Work-life Balance
Author, professor, and keynote speaker, Elizabeth Emens illuminates the challenges of maintaining busy lives and presents the tools and strategies to manage time and promote wellbeing at home and at work.

Elizabeth is the author of the critically acclaimed book Life Admin: How I Learned to Do Less, Do It Better, and Live More (US), titled The Art of Life Admin: How to Do Less, Do It Better, and Live More in the UK (together referred to as “Life Admin”).

Life Admin tackles the problem of admin in all its forms, from everyday tasks like scheduling doctors' appointments and paying bills, to life-cycle events like planning a wedding, a birth, a funeral. Elizabeth explores how this labour is created, how it affects our lives, and how we might avoid, reduce, and redistribute admin whenever possible — as individuals and as a society. Life Admin is the book that teaches us how to do less of it, and to do it better.

Elizabeth is Isidor and Seville Sulzbacher Professor of Law at Columbia Law School and was educated at Yale, where she earned her undergraduate and law degrees, and Cambridge, where she earned her PhD. Elizabeth specializes in anti-discrimination law, disability law, law and sexuality, family law, and contract law. She is also the Director of Columbia Law School's Mindfulness Program.

Elizabeth has published articles in the Wall Street Journal, nytimes.com, Psychology Today, Hastings Center Report, Harvard Law Review, Stanford Law Review, Nomos, Narrative, The Disability Studies Reader, Keywords in Disability Studies, and many other places. In 2013, she co-edited a volume on Disability and Equality Law with Michael Ashley Stein.

As a thought leader and expert speaker on mastering life admin and becoming our most productive and balanced selves in the home and workplace, Elizabeth can present an inspiring talk to your event and audience.
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Elizabeth Emens
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Elizabeth Emens
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Elizabeth Emens
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