Thomas Curran

Best-selling Author, "The Perfection Trap"
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Dr Thomas Curran is the world's leading expert on perfectionism, author of the best-selling book The Perfection Trap, and acclaimed professor of psychology at the London School of Economics.

His TED Talk on perfectionism received over three million views, he has written for major international publications such as TIME magazine and the Harvard Business Review, and his work has been featured in the BBC, New Scientist, New York Times, CNN, and Wall Street Journal.

Through extensive research, public speaking, consulting services, and academic instruction, Thomas is leading the global conversation on perfectionism. His mission? To uncover:

  • The root of perfectionism,
  • What it does to us,
  • Why it's on the rise,
  • And what we can do to stop it.
As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, Dr Thomas Curran is fighting against the modern-day growth imperative of 'do more, have more' and instead brings realism to the table, teaching us that the unrelenting treadmill of perfectionism is not only burning us out but ultimately destructive for our happiness and performances.


The Perfection Trap

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Perfectionism – what it is, what it does, where it comes from, how to overcome it

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Imposter phenomenon and impacts on work and life

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Burnout in the workplace – impact on productivity, prevention and strategies to overcome

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Achievement anxiety, overreaching, and healthier ways to strive

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Thomas Curran
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Thomas Curran
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Thomas Curran


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