Emily Chang

Host and Executive Producer, Bloomberg's "The Circuit" | Author, "Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley"
The host and executive producer of many programs at Bloomberg TV, Emily Chang is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and expert on global technology and the future of business. For 12 years, she worked as executive producer and host of Bloomberg Technology and continues to regularly interview top tech executives, investors, and entrepreneurs such as Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, former Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, and Disney CEO Bob Iger.

Chang is now producing and hosting new series for Bloomberg Originals at the intersection of tech, business, and culture that explore how society, life, and humanity are changing at the hands of technology. On The Circuit with Emily Chang, she travels to meet the greatest founders, influencers, and innovators of our time. In its first season, the show has examined the future of social media and Elon Musk’s Twitter reign, and got inside interviews with the makers of ChatGPT focused on the promise and perils of artificial intelligence. She is also working on other new series coming soon.

In 2018, Chang published Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys’s Club of Silicon Valley, which became and instant national bestseller recognized by the New York Times and PBS as a must-read. The expose revealed how Silicon Valley’s sexist culture has shut women out of the greatest wealth creation in the history of the world. Tech products, Chang points out, are mostly built by men without the perspectives of women—a disservice to anyone who uses technology.

A powerful advocate for women in the workforce, Chang has worked her way to prominence in a male-dominated field and shines a journalistic light on issues such as diversity, inclusivity, and the future of work. She also played herself in several cameos of HBO’s hit show Silicon Valley.


Brotopia: Combating Bias and Inequality in Tech and Business

Bit by bit, the world is seeing increased progress for women, people of color, and other marginalized identities. They’re speaking up, fighting back, taking their rightful seat at the table, and building their own tables. But with lingering employment disruption from the pandemic and mass industry layoffs often disproportionately affecting these underrepresented groups, are we in a situation where we’re taking one step forward only to be knocked two steps back? How do we ensure true change? Emily Chang asserts that lasting change requires genuine introspection and a collective commitment to progress—not only for a more equitable workforce but for the advancement of society as a whole. She poses difficult yet essential questions about the systemic flaws that perpetuate inequality and offers concrete steps to dismantle the barriers that hinder progress. She calls on all individuals to become agents of change, challenging everyone to contribute to creating a more inclusive and equal world.

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Beyond the Headlines: An Insider's Perspective on Tech's Next Big Thing

Decades ago, when we imagined a world fueled by technology, visions of flying cars, jetpacks, and five-course meals ready in seconds at the push of a button flooded our imaginations. We’re not quite there yet, but with the advent of smart devices, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and cryptocurrency, the irreversible impact tech has had on our society cannot be ignored. The world’s relationship with tech is vastly different than it was just 10 years ago, and completely distinct from life 50 years ago. Where will we be 10, 20, 30 years from now? In this ever-changing talk from veteran tech reporter Emily Chang, who spent 12 years hosting the daily Bloomberg Technology show and now interviews tech’s biggest changemakers weekly on Studio 1.0, you’ll unwrap emerging tech trends and get ahead of the curve on the changes coming to business and culture worldwide.

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