Andrew J. Scott

World’s leading expert on Longevity | Economics Professor, London Business School | Author, “The 100 Year Life” and “The Longevity Imperative” 
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Andrew J. Scott is the world’s leading expert on the economics of longevity and on ensuring that longer lives are also happier, healthier, and more productive. Welcome to the 100 Year Life.
For the first time in history, the young can finally expect to become very old and, according to Scott, seizing the opportunities that longer lives bring is—along with climate change and AI—a top global imperative. 

“Right now, individuals, businesses, and governments all fail to understand the real demographic change that is underway. They focus only on an aging society and paint a picture of doom and gloom,” says Scott. Instead, we must mitigate those challenges but, ultimately, seize the multi-trillion dollar benefits of longevity. Doing so, however, will require the complete transformation of our economy, health systems, the financial sector, and how we plan every aspect of our lives.

Scott’s first book, the award-winning The 100 Year Life, is a global bestseller with over one million copies sold in 15 languages. The 100 Year Life outlines how careers and financial planning must evolve and what the implications are for organizations and their workforces. In his upcoming book, The Longevity Imperative: Building a Better Society for Healthier, Longer Lives (Basic Books, March 2024), Scott explains that by bemoaning an aging society, governments, businesses, and individuals misunderstand one of the most important imperatives of the 21st century, namely, that although we face the prospect of much longer lives, we fear growing old and outliving our health, skills, relationships, and sense of purpose. 

Scott’s highly customizable presentations–backed by deep research, embedded in a strong sense of practical business, economics, and finance and delivered with humour, insight and passion–serve to forcefully illustrate the opportunities that await those who respond appropriately to these trends. His sessions will make you rethink the rest of your life in an entirely different way. 

Co-founder of The Longevity Forum and a professor of economics at London Business School, Scott works with individuals, non-profits, corporations, and governments to help them prepare for–and adapt to–the benefits of a longer-living society. He has extensive experience of advising a range of firms, institutions and governments, and his perspectives on aging and longevity have been covered by Financial Times, CNN, PBS, BBC, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Times, Sunday Times, National Geographic, Lancet, Nature, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The International Monetary Fund, United Nations, and the World Economic Forum.


The Longevity Imperative: A 21st Century Challenge

Climate change and AI dominate discussion of the challenges society faces in the coming years. But according to macroeconomist and London Business School professor Andrew J. Scott, there is another trend equally as important: demographic change and, specifically, longer lives. Longevity, however, isn’t focused on the growing number of older people–it’s about how humanity must adapt to support longer, healthier lives. For the first time ever, the young and middle-aged can now expect to become very old. This creates a new Longevity Imperative to remain “evergreen” and to age well. Longer lives require changing how we live at all ages; transforming our health systems, the economy, and the financial sector and demanding a rethink of what it is to age and to become old. If we invest in our future, then we can seize the opportunities of a longer life. If we fail to do so, then our fears of growing old will provide a dystopian future just as bleak as those of AI and climate change.

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The 100 Year Life: Living and Working in an Age of Longevity

With more than a million copies sold globally, The 100 Year Life has motivated people around the world to think differently about their future. Compared to the past, each generation is living longer, meaning we have more time ahead of us. How do you prepare for this, and, what do you do with the additional time? The inevitable answer is that we have to behave differently, but how do we ensure that a longer life is also a better life? Based on his global bestselling book, academic research, and years of advisory work to companies and governments, Scott highlights how you can take stock and start to plan your own 100 year life and understand what it means for your health, career, finances, relationships, and your sense of purpose.

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The Trillion-Dollar “Evergreen Market”

There’s a robust market for people over 65: the so-called ”Silver Market.” But according to macroeconomist and London Business School professor Andrew J Scott, demographic changes are leading to a lucrative new market, the “Evergreen Market.” In this eye-opening presentation, Scott draws from his extensive research to show that – as people live longer and healthier lives – vast economic opportunities arise for businesses. When organizations focus on supporting healthy aging, the benefit to the economy soars into trillions of dollars. In this session, audiences will gain an understanding of current demographic trends and learn how those trends can be included in an organization’s strategy to thrive in the fast-growing Evergreen Market.

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Supporting the Multigenerational Workforce of Tomorrow

As many workers delay retirement and remain in the workforce, it’s vital for C-Suite executives to create programs that support older workers’ health and skills. In this revealing presentation, Andrew J. Scott, co-founder of The Longevity Forum and Professor of Economics at London Business School, details strategies that leaders can take to support workers of all ages. From age-friendly jobs and multigenerational hiring initiatives to reskilling and healthy aging programs, audiences will learn the many ways that organizations can benefit from attracting and retaining older workers. Leaders will also learn strategies for becoming competitive employers where people want to work and stay throughout their careers. 

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Change How You Age: Benefits for Individuals and Organizations 

For the first time in history, a majority of people will live into their 70s and 80s. As people plan for older age, it’s important to exercise agency in influencing how we age. In this fascinating presentation by macroeconomist and London Business School professor Andrew J Scott, Scott outlines the many ways in which people of any age can prepare now for a longer life. Not only will audiences learn how they can bolster their own healthy aging, but leaders from across industries will gain insight into the benefits of supporting employees living healthier, longer lives. From preventative health to financial planning and more, Scott provides a window into the ways in which businesses can participate in the growing market of age-inclusive goods, services, and work environments.

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Money and Your Life: How Finance Must Respond to the Challenge of Longer Lives

The substantial gains in life expectancy during the 20th century have created a unique 21st century problem: how do we finance these longer lives? Just as retirement revolutionized the pension, the insurance and asset management industries that were established in the 20th century need to change too. Business as usual simply isn't an option. Based on his research and advisory work and building on the success of his global bestseller, The 100 Year Life, macroeconomist and London Business School professor Andrew J. Scott outlines how individuals can finance longer lives and how the financial sector must adapt to the reality of longevity.

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Healthy Longevity: The Challenge of the 21st Century and Implications for the Health Sector

One of the greatest achievements of the 20th century was a substantial increase in global life expectancy. Health systems around the world have tackled illness and disease such that, now, the young can expect to become very old. But what got us here won’t get us there. Today, the biggest global health challenge is to achieve healthy longevity – a prize worth trillions of dollars but one that our current health system is not set up to achieve. Macroeconomist and longevity expert Andrew J. Scott explains why this longevity imperative is so important, and why it will increasingly dominate our future. Based on his research, Scott outlines what needs to change in our health system from intervention to prevention, from diseases to health, and what all of this means for healthcare facilities and the pharmaceutical industry overall. 

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The World Economy in the Age of Longevity

A demographic transition is underway globally, leading to a rising number of older people, fewer births and, in many countries, declining populations. Some fear lower economic growth, low rates of return, and rising inflation. But alongside this aging society, there is a longevity society emerging as we adapt and respond to longer lives. If we can remain healthy and productive for longer, then longer lives bring a longevity dividend. In his profound revisiting of what demographic change means for the economy and financial markets, Professor Andrew J. Scott takes you on a tour around the world and outlines how the competing forces of aging and longevity are shaping countries differently, what needs to be done to seize economic opportunities, and what it all means for governments, markets, and investors alike. 

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Customized Expert Insights Into The Vast Benefits of Healthy Aging to Business and Society

Andrew J. Scott, co-founder of The Longevity Forum and Professor of Economics at London Business School, is the world’s leading expert on the economics of longevity and the need to ensure that life isn't just longer but healthier, productive and engaged for longer. He helps business and government leaders understand demographic change and why longevity is so important, helps formulate policies to achieve healthy longevity and leverage the business opportunities of a multigenerational consumer market and workforce. He is available to discuss any or all of the following topics in programs that can be customized to meet the needs and goals of your organization, with the added option of meeting virtually or in person.

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