George Beebe

Vice President and Director of Studies at the Center for National Interest | Former head of Russia analysis for CIA Intel liaison to Vice President Dick Cheney
George Beebe is one of America's most well-informed and insightful experts on international affairs and foreign policy. He has an especially strong background in cyber security, US intelligence, US-Russia relations, and the challenges of the changing international order. George Beebe is Vice President and Director of Studies at the Center for National Interest. He is former President of Behavior Matrix LLC, a technology company that measured audience response to events, issues, and commercial brands. His most recent book, The Russia Trap: How Our Shadow War with Russia Could Spiral into Nuclear Catastrophe, examines how changing technology, the dysfunctional politics, garbled communications, and unsettled regional conflicts are combining to trap the US and Russia in a disastrous escalation spiral neither one wants or expects.

Russia and International Affairs. George Beebe has spent more than two decades in government service as an intelligence analyst, diplomat, and policy advisor. A speaker of both Russian and German, he was the director of the CIA's Russia analysis and Special Advisor to Vice President Cheney for Russia/Eurasia and Intelligence Programs. He also is well versed in the challenges the US faces in North Korea and the Middle East.

Cybersecurity. Beebe speaks with unparalleled authority on cyber security and information warfare. He brings to his presentations a unique combination of expertise in technology, experience with intelligence practice, and connections with the intelligence community. His book, The Russia Trap, shows how cyber espionage, sabotage, and influence operations are changing US-Russian relations and the broader international landscape.

Perspective. George Beebe is deeply informed about these challenges and committed to helping non-expert audiences understand these complex issues. He dispels illusions, corrects misperceptions, and identifies opportunities for constructive solutions. A seasoned public speaker and media commentator in both the US and abroad, Beebe is both entertaining and thought-provoking on the platform.

  • Vice President and Director of Studies, Center for the National Interest
  • Former President, BehaviorMatrix LLC, a big data analytics company
  • Special Advisor, US Vice President
  • Former positions with the CIA: Russia Issue Manager, Chief of Russian Foreign
  • Policy Team, Director, Open Source Analytic Group, Executive Assistant, Deputy Director for Intelligence, and Analyst
  • Numerous media appearances on MSNBC, NPR, CNN, C-SPAN, Russian national television, and other media outlets


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