The 5 Resets

Rewire Your Brain and Body for Less Stress and More Resilience

Discover how to rethink your relationship with stress and overcome burnout, depression, and anxiety with this accessible health-meets-self-help guide.
Drawing on years of experience as a renowned Harvard doctor and nationally recognized stress expert, Dr. Aditi Nerurkar has developed a science-backed approach to help us change our relationship with everyday stress. In her anticipated debut, Dr. Nerurkar offers both a mindset shift about stress and her simple yet powerful five resets—pillars of wisdom that bring together physiological and psychological coping skills and enable you to cope when things get hard.
For Dr. Nerurkar, the first step toward a healthier mind and body is overcoming a common misperception about stress: that it’s “bad.” Stress is actually good for us, she argues, because it is a driving biological force and an adaptive response to life’s many demands. We run into problems, however, when our stress is maladaptive and out of tune with the frequency of our lives, manifesting in burnout, fatigue, meltdowns, and depression. To keep stress at healthy levels, Dr. Nerurkar offers her five science-backed resets to help us in our challenging moments:

  • Get Clear on What Matters Most
  • Find Quiet in a Noisy World
  • Sync Your Brain and Your Body
  • Come Up for Air
  • Bring Your Best Self Forward

Like any good doctor, she prescribes real solutions. Some of her bite-size techniques include adopting the rule of two (because research shows that making more than two large decisions at a time is overwhelming), rejecting the myth of multitasking (it just doesn’t work!) and experimenting with her Bookend Method (find a ritual to start and end each workday to create boundaries between your professional life and everything else).
With these small, smart adjustments, we can change our relationship with stress, nurture our mental health, and live better every day.
Harper One (January 16, 2024)
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Aditi Nerurkar
Aditi Nerurkar, M.D.
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