Brian Greene

Professor of Physics and Mathematics, Columbia University | Author, The Elegant Universe
Brian Greene is a leading theoretical physicist and an entertaining communicator of cutting-edge scientific concepts. A Professor of Physics and of Mathematics at Columbia University, Greene has been described by the Washington Post as “the single best explainer of abstruse concepts in the world today.” Author of four acclaimed books — The Elegant Universe, The Fabric of the Cosmos, The Hidden Reality, and Until the End of Time his books are also the basis of two Emmy and Peabody Award-winning NOVA miniseries, both of which Greene hosted.

His latest best-selling release, Until the End of Time, is a breathtaking exploration of the cosmos and our quest to understand it and was listed as one of the "100 Notable Books of 2020" by the New York Times. The book is a journey across time and described as "a love letter to the ephemeral cosmic moment when everything is possible. Reading it is like riding an escalator up through a giant department store. On the lower floors, you find things like time, energy, gravity and the Big Bang, and biology." (The New York Times)

Together with journalist Tracy Day, Greene is the co-founder of The World Science Festival, which brings cutting-edge science programming to a broad audience. The Festival's live flagship events, in New York and Australia, have reached an audience of over two million, and more than 50 million have experienced the Festival's offerings online.

A Harvard graduate and a Rhodes Scholar, Greene is a frequent television guest, joining Stephen Colbert eight times and playing himself in an episode of The Big Bang Theory. He has also had cameo roles in a few Hollywood films including Frequency, Maze, and The Last Mimzy. Greene is currently director of Columbia University's Center for Theoretical Physics.


Breakthrough Thinking

Many of the greatest discoveries emerged from a subtle hint, something that wasn't quite right, a seemingly minor mismatch that would not quite resolve. While many would simply disregard such outliers as noise amongst the true data, the revolutionary thinkers are those who followed such loose threads to paradigm-shattering breakthroughs. Indeed, while many leading physicists of an earlier era believed that everything there is to know had already been discovered, and what remained was merely to fine-tune that knowledge, the maverick thinkers leveraged tiny cracks in the architecture of mainstream understanding, to foment revolutionary upheavals that created today’s world. In this visually immersive and captivating talk, Brian Greene invites the audience to step inside some of the most dramatic and mind-bending of these ideas to experience the world through the eyes of physicists who remade our grasp on reality--and to guide us all a step closer to finding the hidden gateways that may create a new tomorrow.

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Big Science & The Future of Discovery

This presentation addresses some of the hallmark qualities that define those who lead: Dreaming big, leveraging diverse capacities, investing in basic foundational research, and eschewing quick returns in favor of long-term discovery.

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Beyond the Stars: A Journey to the Edge of Space, Time, and Meaning

From the big bang to the end of time, join us on a multimedia journey across the cosmos with physicist and bestselling author Professor Brian Greene. Utilizing immersive visuals and Greene's iconic knack for making difficult concepts easy to understand, Greene will guide us through the formation of stars and black holes, the development of life and mind, and the emergence of the human quest to find coherence and meaning-all within an evolving universe governed by mathematical laws, and all wrapped up in an entertaining, fascinating and accessible evening.

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