The Age of the Infovore

Succeeding in the Information Economy

A fundamental guide for the information consumers we all are now.

Renowned behavioral economist and commentator Tyler Cowen shows that our super networked world is changing the way we think-and empowering us to thrive in new ways. Whether it is micro-blogging on Twitter, buying single songs at iTunes, or data mining our digital memories, we can now customize our supply of information to better satisfy our hunger for a rich and satisfying inner life. The Age of the Infovore will show you how to manage the massive daily flow of data better, no matter how adept you may already be at Facebooking, watching television, or studying for that test.

Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations transformed how we thought about industry and trade. Tyler Cowen now delivers a manifesto for this century's industrial revolution: the information explosion.

Penguin (24 Feb 2011)
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Tyler Cowen
Tyler Cowen
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