Monoclonal Antibodies

TheOnce and Future Cure for Covid-19

In Monoclonal Antibodies: The Once and Future Cure for Covid-19, William A. Haseltine and Griffin McCombs describe the potential for monoclonal antibodies to prevent, treat, and cure Covid-19.

Early in the pandemic, monoclonal antibodies were the first approved drugs to treat Covid-19. As the virus changed, so did the need for new monoclonal antibodies. Until recently, changes in the virus outpaced the development of new monoclonal antibodies. By the beginning of 2023, virtually all of the antibodies that had been approved for treatment were ineffective.

Now a new generation of broadly active monoclonal antibodies is on the horizon. These drugs may be effective against most if not all future variants and novel coronaviruses infections.

Monoclonal Antibodies describes the journey of Covid-19 antibody discovery. The heart of the book is a series of essays written in real time documenting the race between monoclonal antibodies and virus variants.

The book provides an introductory background into what monoclonal antibodies are, how they are made, and why the newest generation of monoclonal antibodies hold great hope.
ACCESS Health Press (June 8, 2023)
Author photo
William Haseltine and Griffin McCombs
William Haseltine
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