Growing up Digital

The Rise of the Net Generation

The bestselling book announcing the arrival of the Net Generation — those kids who are growing up digital — now in paperback. Heraled by Library Journal as one of the Best Business Books of 1997,Growing Up Digital tells how the N-Generation is learning to communicate,work,shop and play in profoundly new ways — and what implications this has for the world and business.
Growing Up Digital offers an overview of the N-Generation,the generation of children who in the year 2000 will be between the ages of two and twenty-two. This group is a "tsunami" that will force changes in communications,retailing,branding,advertising,education,etc. Tapscott commends that the N-Generation are becoming so technologically proficient that they will "lap" their parents and leave them behind.
The book also demonstrates the common characteristics of the N-Generation: acceptance of diversity,because the Net doesn't distinguish between racial or gender identities,curiosity about exploring and discovering new worlds over the Internet and assertiveness and self-reliance,which result when these kids realize they know more about technology than the adults around them.
This eye-opening,fact-filled book profiles the rise of the Net Generation,which is using digital technology to change the way individuals and society interact. Essential reading for parents,teachers,policy makers,marketers,business leaders,social activists,and others, Growing Up Digital makes a compelling distinction between the passive medium of television and the explosion of interactive digital media,sparked by the computer and the Internet.
Tapscott shows how children,empowered by new technology,are takingthe reins from their boomer parents and making inroads into all areas of society,including our education system,the government,and economy. The result is a timely,revealing look at our digital future that kids and adults will find both fascinating and instructive.
McGraw-Hill (May 1, 1997)

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Don Tapscott
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