Digital Asset Revolution

How Blockchain Is Decentralizing Finance and Disrupting Wall Street (Blockchain Research Institute Series)

From the coauthor of the bestseller Blockchain Revolution comes the foundational book on cryptoassets, decentralized finance, and the transformation of value.
In tune with the crypto Zeitgeist, Alex Tapscott brings us a well-researched and highly accessible book on the peer-to-peer marketplaces and open economic systems that are supporting new digital assets like NFTs, CBDCs, stablecoins, crypto derivatives, and more. Tapscott writes,
If bitcoin was the spark for the financial services revolution, then DeFi and digital assets are the accelerant. The fire will engulf firms that fail to innovate, adapt, and embrace this hot new industry. The conflagration will suck oxygen from centralized systems and blow it into a new decentralized web. The financial phoenix that rises will be virtually unrecognizable from the system we have today.
This book is about more than dislocating market intermediaries. It’s about Web 3’s unleashing new business models and organizational capabilities that will transform existing industries and redefine the architecture of our institutions. Leaders ignore these signs at their own risk.
Barlow Publishing (July 12, 2022)

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Alex Tapscott
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