Serving business and cultural audiences worldwide since 1929

Who We Are

The Leigh Bureau is a premium speakers bureau serving business and sophisticated cultural audiences worldwide. We exclusively represent some of the world's most prominent leaders and personalities in a wide range of fields: business and economics, politics and public life, science and technology, entertainment and the arts. We specialize in speakers of substance — people who are thought leaders in their fields who offer the best in platform performance and valuable content.

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Our Staff

The Leigh Bureau team combines the most experienced people in the industry with enthusiastic young talent. You are welcome to contact one of our representatives directly.

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Our History

The Leigh Bureau is the longest-established premium speakers bureau in the world. The business was founded in 1929 by W. Colston Leigh, the father of our current chairman, Bill Leigh. Since then, we have represented some of the world’s top speakers and public personages, such as Boris Yeltsin and Eleanor Roosevelt before she was even First Lady. We’ve also helped to shape the industry itself over the decades and we have made significant contributions to the wider culture. We led the way into the business speaking market in the early 1980s, representing Peter Drucker throughout his long career and Alvin Toffler from before he published Future Shock. This continues to be our distinguishing strength — that we represent speakers who bring real business value to the organizations they address and the best analysis, insight and commentary to audiences in the public sphere.

Our Businesses

The Leigh Bureau is the flagship firm of the Leigh Group, which includes five related enterprises. Three are speakers bureaus that have been separately formed to better serve the global speaking market. The Leigh Bureau serves audiences in North America. Leigh Bureau Limited serves Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East and Africa. Leigh Bureau International serves Latin America, Asia and other parts of the globe.

In addition to the speakers bureaus, we also have a literary agency (LeighCo) and an advisory services company, Leigh Advisory Services.

We define our businesses in terms of our speakers' intellectual property: LeighCo helps our clients define and publish their ideas; the speakers bureaus help them promote their ideas; and Leigh Advisory Services helps business leaders implement these ideas in their organizations through direct management consulting and advisory services.

We Look Forward to Serving You

Our Offerings

Keynotes. As a speakers bureau, we specialize in matching audiences with the speakers who can add the most value to your event, with keynotes of varying lengths to fit any slot in your agenda, with or without a Q&A. But that's not all we offer.

Moderators. We also represent a number of people who are seasoned moderators and facilitators, who can lead a single panel discussion or MC an entire event and help you design your program. They combine depth in their area, often knowing as much about the topic they are moderating as do the other members of the discussion, with great people skills and experience at keeping things on track and in service to the strategic goals of the event.

Seminars & workshops. A single keynote not enough depth for your audience? Many of our speakers will develop a customized program of greater length — half-day, full-day or multiple days — or a follow-up break-out session on the topic of their keynote.

Advisory services, management consulting & executive coaching. Beyond the expanded program for a given event, many of our speakers also offer advisory services, management consulting or executive coaching custom-designed to meet specific strategic needs. Through Leigh Advisory Services, we would be happy to discuss how we might create such a relationship with the leaders of your organization.

Our Speakers

Our speakers are identified by both their content and their style — and so are your audiences. Our mission is to match your organization’s unique desires for real value with the practitioners, researchers and authors who have the expertise you need. At the same time, we seek to match the character of your audience and the tone of your event with the speakers whose creativity, energy, and style on the platform will serve you best. We will give you a presentation that will live on in the memories of your attendees and also move your organization forward toward the goals you’ve defined for your event.

Business. Our business speakers include business leaders, academic researchers, business journalists, writers and consultants — all first-tier people with substantive content that has real value for business audiences.

Political & public life. The Leigh Bureau represents writers and historians, analysts and commentators, important academics and fellows at policy institutions — women and men who are major contributors to public discourse in both the United States and Europe.

General audiences. We also represent speakers with broad appeal who are inspirational, informative, and often very funny, in programs of great interest to any audience looking for substance presented with a light touch.

Special programs. We offer some unique programs that transcend categories. We have always found ways to create new experiences that are tailored directly to the desires of specific audiences.