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A leading voice calling for reforms in health care, Dr. David Newman offers bold new ideas on how to restore access, quality and efficiency as the sovereign forces in health care. His website,, has dozens of contributors analyzing the available studies and trial data to individualize the value of health treatments. They crunch the numbers on the benefits and harms, and then post the results. Here is David's speech on David is an engaging, deeply researched and eloquent speaker on a topic that lies at the center of today's social concerns.

Steven Johnson's work on the history of innovation has inspired a six-part series that explores the power and the legacy of great ideas. The PBS series HOW WE GOT TO NOW with Steven Johnson premieres Oct 15, 2014. Discover the extraordinary in just about everything ordinary. Hear the stories behind the remarkable ideas that made modern life possible, the unsung heroes who brought them about and the unexpected and bizarre consequences each of these innovations triggered. View the series trailer here. Watch Steven's appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

David Pilling is the Asia editor of the Financial Times. He oversees the FT’s coverage of the Asia region from Afghanistan to Australia, including China, India and Japan, based in Hong Kong. David is actively reporting for the Financial Times and tweeting @davidpilling during the current unrest. With over twenty years of journalistic experience and over a decade living in Japan and Hong Kong, he brings direct and in depth insights to economics, politics and cultural issues across the region.

Nate Silver has become today's leading statistician through his innovative analyses of political polling. He first gained national attention during the 2008 presidential election, when he correctly predicted the results of the primaries and the presidential winner in 49 states. In 2012, he called 50 of 50 states. Today, Nate is pioneering the new field of data journalism with his award-winning website FiveThirtyEight, now co-produced with ESPN.