Getting Beyond Ideas

The Future of Rapid Innovation

An astonishingly quick and effective method for producing game-changing business innovations MIT Sloan School researcher Michael Schrage is a top advisor and researcher on the disruptive economics of innovation. In Getting Beyond Ideas, he details what his "5x5x5" X-teams methodology — an ingeniously simple, cheap, quick, and pursuasive approach that transforms how individuals and organizations identify and explore innovation opportunities.
The 5x5x5 method is deceptively simple and straightforward: You give 5 people no more than 5 days to come up with a diversified portfolio of 5 'business experiments' that should take no longer than 5 weeks to run and cost no more than $5000 to implement. It's powerful yet doesn't require people to be geniuses or push organizations to invest inordinate sums of time or money. But by pushing small groups of people to think inside the box-a very unusual and special box with well-crafted constraints -this method makes cost-effective innovation not just possible but probable. Too good to be true? It's not. Read this book and you'll discover how this methodology goes beyond traditional innovation "best practice" cliches.
From one of the leaders in thinking about innovation, an eye-opening, proven method for sparking breakthroughs in any organization Offers surprisingly sustainable value at a very low-dollar cost and resource commitment. It's also fast and agile Can completely change the way top management talks about, behaves around, and invests in innovation
More than just inspiration, here's a step-by-step, fast and effective way to empower your most talented people to push the envelope of your most cherished organizational assumptions.
Wiley (May 3, 2010)

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Michael Schrage
Michael Schrage
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