Built for Use

Driving Profitability through the User Experience

The first practical guide to linking business strategy with the art and science of user experience and online design
It is increasingly clear that the big winners in the E-business arena are those that practice customer-centric design. While there are a multitude of good books on the art and science of user interface and website design, until Built For Use, there were none that focused on user experience from the corporate strategist's and marketing manager's perspectives. Drawing upon her work as a user-experience strategist for numerous Fortune 1,000 firms, Karen Donoghue explores the dynamics of business strategy and user experience in a concise, jargon-free manner for nontechnical managers. With the help of fascinating and instructive before-and-after case studies, she helps managers become fluent in the language of user-experience; identifies user-experience and design strategy best practices; explains how to determine what customers want; and much more.

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Michael Schrage
Michael Schrage
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