John Biggs

Former Editor, Gizmodo

A leading tech journalist explains the next big thing.

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John Biggs was the East Coast Editor of TechCrunch, the leading online source for breaking technology news and the Editor of Gizmodo, the premier web consumer resource on electronics and technology. Combine that with over ten years of international experience in tech journalism, on- and offline, and you've got an extraordinary understanding of both the long-term trends in technology and the cutting edge at any moment.

A dynamic speaker with palpable personal enthusiasm, John speaks to specialist and general audiences about the full range of tech subjects. He is in high demand for his always up-to-date presentations on the next big thing, whether that's big data or the rise of DIY manufacturing. His experience as a journalist and blogger makes him an authoritative speaker on online media and how they are transforming news.

He is the co-host of the podcast Technotopia. In the weekly podcast, John and Stefan Etienne talk with the greatest minds in tech, history, philosophy, and art.

John's book, Marie Antoinette's Watch, explores the relationship between technology, individuals, and history through the story of one priceless 18th-century watch. Tracing its creation, its mysterious disappearance, and its recovery in 2008, Marie Antoinette's Watch is a testament to the power of technology on our lives and the remarkable feelings that personal electronics can inspire.

His previous books are Black Hat: Misfits, Criminals and Scammers in the Internet Age and Bloggers Boot Camp: Learning How To Build, Write, and Run a Successful Blog. His work has appeared in both mainstream and tech-oriented publications, including The New York Times, Popular Science, Men's Health, Gizmodo, Laptop, PC Upgrade, Surge, InSync, Linux Journal, Sync, and The Stir. He runs the BWL family of blogs, and The Wrist Watch Review. John also records the HourTime Podcast with Ariel Adams.


Marie Antoinette's Watch

Adultery, Larceny, & Perpetual Motion

John Biggs

“Marie Antoinette’s Watch is a wonderful book.” – William Gibson, author of Neuromancer

Across continents and into and out of the hands of royalty, revolutionaries, smugglers, thieves, and the world’s greatest tech engineers, was Marie Antoinette’s watch, the “160,” worth an estimated $40 million in today’s dollars. Perhaps the most sought after personal technology device of the last 200 years, the timepiece, designed by the legendary Abraham-Louis Breguet, is the launching point for a thrilling and fluidly woven set of narratives that are, in part, forbidden love story, historical document, and police procedural. Marie Antoinette’s Watch also deftly lays out the history of horology and the 18th Century engineering feats attained in Paris’s answer to Silicon Valley, the Île de la Cité, that made the watch the most intricate and prized personal device of its time — something that’s come full circle today. In the hands of Techcrunch’s East Coast Editor, John Biggs, Marie Antoinette’s Watch is by turns edifying and lurid, historical and utterly modern. Culminating in a heist in a Tel Aviv antiquities museum in the 1980s, Biggs tells the story of how one object can transform countries, cultures, high technology, and time itself.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 15, 2015)

Bloggers Boot Camp

Learning How to Build, Write, and Run a Successful Blog

by Charlie White and John Biggs

Bloggers Boot Camp shows you how to build a great blog from the ground up. This isn't a book about technology — it's a book about engaging millions of readers. Starting your blog is easy, but building and maintaining a popular one is hard. 

Blogging experts John Biggs and Charlie White (Gizmodo, Mashable and TechCrunch) share their secrets from the frontline showing you how to blog with quality and flair, find the best stories, and attract millions of readers to your blog.

Blogging goes way beyond writing. It's a conversation between you and your audience. Guiding you to blogging success Bloggers Boot Camp shows you how to:

  • Uncover a niche for your blog, and realize key factors about yourself that you need to know before you write a single word.
  • Gather the ideal tools for blogging, without spending too much or approaching it underequipped.

  • Discover the best ways to spread the word about your new blog.

  • Find the most compelling stories to write about, and get the information before anyone else does.
  • Transform your writing by learning the subtle art of constructing a compelling, engaging blog post.
  • Stimulate your readers to directly participate in the two-way conversation, perhaps the most exciting part of this new way of communicating.

Focal Press; 1 edition (August 16, 2011)

Black Hats

Misfits, Criminals, and Scammers in the Internet Age

John Biggs

Homes are becoming increasingly wired and, thanks to Wi-Fi, unwired. Hackers can strike quickly and create disastrous results! These stories and follow-ups are a fascinating insight into the modern threats we all face in the techno jungle. Written by internationally recognized author, John Biggs, this book is an ideal read for anyone who owns a computer and has ever pondered the threats of modern technology.

Black Hat takes a fair and thorough look at the hacking cases that have made the news in recent years. These stories include all the juicy details, like the people behind the hacking, as well as legislative attempts to curtail hacking, cracking, and spam.

Table of Contents

  1. Black Hats: Things That Go Ping in the Night
  2. Y.O.U. Mayhave Alredy 1!: Spam
  3. Deep Cover: Spyware
  4. Shockwave: Worms and Viruses
  5. Dear Friend: Scams
  6. Upload or Perish: Pirates
  7. Breakin: Hacking
  8. Don't Get Burned: White Hats

Apress (June 10, 2004)


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